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Company History and Background:


Le Firenze Marketing and Management Corporation (LeFirMM) was incorporated in March 2004. Acknowledging the group’s commitment and strength in the trading business, LeFirMM was appointed as distributor of several Pesticide Suppliers. In a short period of time, the trading group has established a strong business relationship with well-known and reputable Pest Control Companies (PCO) in the industry as well as various businesses and government institutions.


Soon thereafter, Termguard of Australia appointed LeFirMM as the exclusive distributor of their technology in the Philippines. Termguard is a reticulation system that was developed to provide the Pest Control Applicators with a unique and efficient way of applying and replenishing approved termiticides conveniently, safely and reliably to all methods of construction. With the TermguardReticulation System, infestation by subterranean termites can be controlled for as long as 50 years!


In 2006, LeFirMM was appointed as the exclusive distributor of the Riken FI-21 Type 03 Optical Gas Indicator. A product of Riken Keiki Co., Ltd. (Japan), the equipment is used by fumigators to determine the level of concentration of fumigation gases.


In May 2011, LeFirMM launched Isoptex 5 SC (Active Ingredient: Fipronil 5%), a premium termiticide with a unique colony management action. LeFirMM is the direct importer and distributor of Isoptex 5 SC.


In March 2012, LeFirMM launched SWAT 10 TC (Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 10%), another premium termiticide that is used as a barrier treatment.


Living up to its commitment of providing the best environmental science and agricultural products, equipment, and technologies available in the market LeFirMM continually looks for new and technologically advanced products worldwide.